Our goal is to build simple to use products which address competitiveness issues.

Act on time

The incidents response time is essential in order to limit the possible damages.

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Device agnostic

Data can be ingested from almost any internet connected device.

Units management

All configurations are stored in the same place.

Interface builder

The interface builder is extensible and developer friendly.

Low-code compatible

The digitization process will have to be sustained from the bottom up, that's why it's important to make the information accessible at each organizational level in the appropriate format.

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Low-code platforms friendly

Connect the data with other low-code platforms.

CSV & XLS Export

Each API request can be exported to CSV or XLS.

Live Support

Any question must get an answer.

Extensible from
ground up

Each company has it's own specific workflows, that's why the platform must be adaptable to make the transition to a digitalized company easier.

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API Driven Development

Everything can be managed using an API.

Simple to use GraphQL API

Access the data using our own built GraphQL Explorer.

Custom React Components

Extend the interface with custom React components.