Complete feature comparison

Bringes Core

Units Management
A unit is the entity that stores all the data collected about a physical machine.
Organization Management
An organization is defined as a group of units.
Decoding Management
By defining a custom decoding configuration you will be able to configure how Bringes will extract records information from the raw packets.
Synchronisation Management
By defining a custom synchronisation configuration you can configure how Bringes will push data to the third-party platforms.
Basic Data Ingestion
Data ingestion is the process of collecting data from a device connected to a physical machine.
1.35 EUR per device/month
Low Volume Data Ingestion
A devices is considered a low-volume device when it sends less than 40 records per month.
0.95 EUR per device/month

Bringes GraphQL API

GraphQL Data Access
You will have access to unit records, activities and unit states.
1.05 EUR per device/month
CSV & XLS Export
Each API endpoint response can be exported automatically as a CSV or XLS file.

Bringes Reports

Custom Real-Time Report
On a request basis, we do create real-time custom data reports that aggregates data based on the user needs.


Low-code platform integration (n8n, Ninox)
We have native integrations with different low-code platforms to make it easy to synchronize data with other applications.
High performance PostgreSQL Database
We can install and maintain a high performance PostgreSQL database in a dedicated environment.* minimum 100 GB
4.25 EUR per GB/month*
Sync to PostgreSQL Database
We can synchronise Bringes data with your own PostgreSQL database instance.
0.45 EUR per device/month
Sync to a custom third-party platform
On a request basis, we have implemented synchronization workflows between Bringes and other applications.


On-premise deployment
On a request basis, we setup on-premise deployments for big enterprises.