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Access a comprehensive platform to create your own Industrial IoT solution, gaining valuable insights and enhancing productivity.

Starting at €1.65/machine/month*

* 25 MB compressed incoming traffic
* 5 MB compressed outgoing traffic


Design a custom package - customized for businesses dealing with high traffic volumes or those with unique business models.

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*We support your own equipment using MQTT, HTTP, or OPC UA.

€45 - €220
(ask for catalog)

Gateway Installation Support

*On-site support is available to specific regions and countries.

ask for price

Data Ingestion

Incoming Traffic

*We count only the compressed incoming traffic. Minimum 25MB monthly traffic per device.

€0.05 per MB

Outgoing Traffic

*We count only the compressed outgoing traffic. Minimum 5MB monthly traffic per device.

€0.08 per MB

MQTT Endpoint

Push your data through our dedicated MQTT endpoints.


REST API Endpoint

Push your data through our dedicated REST API endpoints.


Teltonika Endpoint

We provide support for all Teltonika devices that use the Codec 8E Protocol.


OPC DA Protocol

*This package might require additional hardware installed on-site.

€50 per month + €6/device/month

Custom Protocol Integration

We can integrate your own custom TCP/HTTP protocol.

ask for price


Unified GraphQL API

* up to 5 concurrent requests per second and 25GB of monthly traffic.

free of charge

Managed ERP Synchronization

Securely store all your data to be audit compliant.

€5 per machine

Data Analysis & Ready-to-Use Blocks

Users Management

Manage user permissions and grant granular access.

free of charge

Plant Floor Optimization

Track plant floor efficiency.

€5 per machine/month

Custom Blocks

Extend your application with custom blocks built by us.

ask for price

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